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Oh, you are right, beanzvision, thanks for telling!

I'm not sure if this can help you and maybe you have already tried something similar but when you have two materials with different displacement maps they can work together when you check "add Material" in the material tag.
Hope it works out for you!

Glad I (and burnin ;) could help!
Have a nice day!

[C4D] Feature Requests / Materials in Corona Proxy
« on: 2020-08-26, 21:03:46 »
I have seen the feature in your Trello list Pool of big ideas, but haven't found it here in the forum so I just wanted to express my wish to see that feature in the future. Would be a big great way to keep the material list clean and organized.


When getting very close to the axis center of a corona proxy the whole object disappears in the viewport. It renders fine but you can't see it in the viewport any more. Same happens in perspective view.
Normally it doesn't matter so much but i often use the full mesh mode when i rotate a tree, to get the branches in the best position.


(Congratulations to version 6! But i haven't tried this issue in version 6 actually, my latest version is Version: 6.0 rc 4)

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Cinema 4d Material library
« on: 2020-08-26, 20:42:04 »
Just a bump from me too. Would be very nice to have!

And now with the last release everything is fixed! I can clone as many proxys as I want without any lag :)
I'm so happy!!
Thank you Corona Team!
Have a fantastic day :)

sounds very good!
Is that intentionally fixed?
I did not find any hint in the latest changelog so it might be pure coincidence. ;-)
Yes it was, in the daily build from today. At least the part where the viewport freezes when switching from one view to another (prespective to top view for example). It still freezes for a while when i copy a proxy but i can live with that... for a while :) I think they did write something about doing something about that in the future, but i'm not sure if I understood it right, so don't take my word for it.

Problem with the viewport is gone in last daily build... THANK YOU CORONA TEAM!!
Good job :)

Best regards,

Hi Martón

I'm afraid I haven't :(
I have instead changed my workflow and try to avoid converting vray materials as much as possible.

Best regards

It might be useful for me. Because shared shaders do not come up in Cinema4Ds Texture Manager (but I think you guys already know this).

Regarding your problem: There is the hidden option in Cinema4D to drag materials holding "alt" into the content browser. In doing so the content browser refers to the original path of the textures and does not create the "tex" folder. Maybe this could help you somehow?

OMG, i had no idea!! I've always wanted to put my materials in the content browser but didn't want to duplicate several hundreds of GB of textures on my C drive but couldn't get it to work. And woop, there you came with the solution, thank you NOOKTA!! :)

That’s really good news!
Thanks for sharing!


Hi there

Just wondering if you guys have noticed any improvements lately?
Everything is still the same for me.

Corona, can you tell anything about why this is happening and what we or you can do about it? Any chances it will be solved with c4d r21 or corona v5?


Hi, just wondering if you have done any progress with this issue.

Stacking of displacement channels, that is fantastic!
Thank you guys!

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