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2022-06-26, 10:10:36


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Hey guys, hope you all doing well,,
actually during my architecture work, i have been always wishing to master visualization, or making photo-realsitic renders,
anyway, months ago, i forced my self to change my workflow in sometimes to work on 3ds max and using corona render as a render engine,,
but i notice some points that i am really seeking to find solutions for,
1- i have lack of knowledge in materials and its parameters! or lets say i find it difficult to understand how sort of things work!
2- I am using revit most of the time, My model lines lack realism, and feels if it's rigid lines!
3- Mastering lighting!

- -
So is there any way to figure out 3ds max building materials and its parameters easily!
and how to improve my model lines before i import them to 3ds max, same thing for lighting.


2022-06-26, 20:18:47
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Could you post some images of your work like final renders and screenshots of your scene in Max viewport? That would help us to give you any advice on how to make your images look more photorealistic.

Regarding material creation, Corona documentation could be a good place to understand what each parameter does. I personally found The PBR guides by Allegorithmic really helpful when trying to understand things like IOR, Fresnel, Roughness, etc. You might want to take a look:

2022-06-27, 02:58:25
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Our YouTube channel could provide some help - for example there's the series on using the Corona Physical material
list=PLt4UrWcQaAX-PCcVxhJ0NKEtXAyZu9-B3 (the courses designed for those who may not be too familiar with creating materials, rather than for those already expert at it). Then the channel has lots of tutorials on other topics too which you may find helpful.

For "going paid" you will find courses from approved instructors over at . These vary from shorter, topic-focused courses, through to things like State of Art Academy which can last for several days (or more) and include info on color theory, lighting, composition etc. (while our free videos focus on what we know best, the technical ins-and-outs of Corona :) ).

Hope something here is helpful!
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