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2013-12-22, 09:10:59


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Hi all,
We are Berend studio, and we wanted to share our first touches with the corona render in couple of project.
Those are a wip, so it willl be nice if you can leave a comment or any technical advise to improve the final result :) ...

in overall, i want to say that working with Corona is really nice process, and the whole stuff is very easy to setup and get good results.

About the Lake tower WIP (another wip will be about interior stuff):

The main goal was to learn more vegetation in corona and some exterior mats, as well as to learn a good aproach for HDRI based exterior...

Except the vegetation all the scene is modeled by me.

now i'm planning to unwrapp all the models in the scene, to make it easier to create good photoshop texturing.

* a good tip i never listened to before : make the textures ration 1:1, and uncompressed save !!!   it will speed up a bit the render process.... !!! i will post later where i found this one !!!

there is a lot of work to do i will update daily about the project.

have a nice day !!!

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2013-12-22, 11:13:24
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i likes the water :)
the trees on the right looks out of the place :)
feels warm overall :)
using corona before it was cool :3