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2013-08-20, 18:31:25


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ive been used 3dmax and vray before, and i have just found this corona about 1hr ago, it makes me very interesting

can any1 give me a guide to use corona pls, about light, material, camera, and especially is rendering  (the online guide is so different from the main menu in 3dmax, i have downloaded the v5 alrd, and when im render with the default setting, it black and sayin' "rendering xx-times pass")

can some1 could help me from the very beginning pls, this corona make me feel more excited than the vray

p.s: srr for my bad english, that also the problem when i start with some-english-thing new

2013-08-20, 19:26:26
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You need to add a light or light emittin material to your scene and everything will be allright. :)
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2013-11-15, 09:41:38
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i am past the level of pre beginner and in post beginner now :P
but all of my renders are grainy no matter what i do
using corona before it was cool :3