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Hardware / Re: Monitor
« on: 2016-02-20, 23:56:49 »
Thanks Juraj,

Totally missed that one, I will read further. :)

Hardware / Monitor
« on: 2016-02-20, 22:58:29 »
Hello guys,

I need some advice as I am confused, regarding which IPS monitor to get. I have been researching for the past week and I had decided to get an Eizo, however we realised that we need a few more monitors, which means, we could possibly get two or three for the price of one Eizo 27inch. If you guys have any tips, I would appreciate it, especially in regards to on screen color to printer out put. Thanks

We already calibrate the monitors using calibration hardware and software. But I need some real tips based on user experience before I purchase next week.

General CG Discussion / Re: advice - assistance - help
« on: 2015-11-18, 23:16:49 »
Thanks for the advice.

I was trying to compare in terms of speed, but i realised i was not really specific, although I had to build about 10 pieces, which were then changed mid way. I am quite fast, as they do not require super realism, although it sucks doing poor models once one is accustom to doing 80% detailed models.

I think the difficult aspect is trying to educate them in how long something takes, including re-rendering because the material color used, makes the whole thing look terrible, which somehow they think its the rendered images fault.

I suppose there isnt a concrete answer, it could be a week to two weeks.

Here is a good comment, what are you doing just sitting there , I am rendering........

General CG Discussion / advice - assistance - help
« on: 2015-11-15, 11:50:17 »
Hey guys,

Need some advice regarding time frames.

A client has asked me to produce internal shots, but with custom assets, which I cannot find in model libraries to purchase. They range from complex to simple and I have already spent half a day on one product and a lamp that has almost taken day. I take short cuts when I can etc. From experience how long do you guys think a project like this should take?

I also had to build the interior too.


General CG Discussion / Re: Training advice
« on: 2015-08-13, 22:18:32 »
sign up tp Grant Warwicks classes, I am sure you will learn a few tricks here and there. Also the general rule to super realistic renders is time. The more time spent, the better the materials and lighting comes out. Most guys can do decent renders in a day, but the ones that look like photos can take a week or so in my opinion and hopefully with experience, you can speed up.

News / Re: Medieval interior with volume rays tutorial
« on: 2015-07-12, 06:15:59 »
awesome tutorial.

Kind request, could you just upload the mat file without the textures or models?, I want to see the slate editor in real time, I cannot seem to get the same weathering effect please..
Using latest Corona.


have you tried RESET settings , then try then render.

Recently, I was having issues, while trying to render, save output files and it was just quit to desktop, no warnings or nothing. Reset render settings solved the issue.

[Max] I need help! / Re: Global volume MTL affecting sky
« on: 2015-06-24, 00:41:42 »
try this.

    gc() Garbage Collection.
    freescenebitmaps() Cleans up in texture memory.  <--- before renders or if task manager shows a high process.
    clearUndoBuffer() Removes your Undo’s

Taken from 3dtotal.

I checked your scene.

Problems I found.

1. Thick Glass, too many subdivisions, wrong material setup.
2. Some of your materials were setup incorrectly.
Go here: - free basic and complex material setups, learn from them.
3. You had legacy ticked in advanced material options, not sure if that can cause issues.
4. Your backplate was setup wrong. see :
5. I found more noise in CESSENTIAL_Indirect, I am using default render settings apart from exposure + compress.
6> Just a 6min render on my noob pc, maybe in one hour it would be clean with a few tweaks - cheats.
Raw renders.

[Archive] Corona Scatter 2.0 / Re: Feature requests
« on: 2015-06-20, 23:36:30 »
Quote from: Adi on 2014-08-29, 00:43:48

    Quote from: vicnaum on 2014-08-28, 21:50:14

        Just make it Multiscatter+Forest

    My thoughts exactly :)

it is pretty bold to expect this one extra free plugin for a renderer to cover everything done by 2 scatter plugins costing about 300 euro each...

Ondra : Unless you ask the fairsaas users, if they were willng to pay a few extra euros per month, and you could integrate   a whole new corona scatter plugin or the names mentioned. :)

[Max] I need help! / Re: VBF
« on: 2015-06-20, 22:38:53 »
hmzz, but how would I know it is do with the render engine.

I experience crashes probably in these three categories.

1. Scatter
2. Complex materials, during loading textures or playing around with settings.
3. Sometimes while modelling.
3. During render save, not anymore after using auto save.

edit : mostly happens on my low spec system, never experienced it on a workstation. :)

Gallery / Re: Doomfletch, Royal Bow
« on: 2015-06-20, 22:32:42 »
its an interesting image, but you need to allow readers to view a smaller size image, as the large version is taking way too long even on my connection.

[Max] I need help! / Re: VBF
« on: 2015-06-20, 22:22:32 »
ooopps I just clicked it on while rendering, not a good idea. 

Thanks Romullus.

Gallery / Re: Corona test
« on: 2015-06-20, 22:10:39 »
its a nice image, but you need a better angle. Either a front on, as there is no ground , or side with the ground balancing it.

Gallery / Re: ICG House
« on: 2015-06-20, 22:08:37 »
Nice image and I know it is generally a pain to make such, with vegetation. Could do with tweaks and fixed here and there, but it works.

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