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Gallery / Re: Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-06, 13:41:09 »
last one... for now

Gallery / Re: Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-05, 10:35:47 »
Two more...

Gallery / Re: Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-04, 12:41:29 »
Thanks folks for the kind words.
@Rob: excellent work you've done in Octane! good choice of reference work ;-)
@chris0le: In this particular project there are several floor plans online. i guess it depends on the project and how well it is documented.


[Max] Resolved Bugs / Re: Interactive mode missing in 7.2?
« on: 2014-12-03, 20:09:18 »
romullus... you made my day! totally forgot about it :-/ I must have switched from 7.1 to 7.0 due to the lack of interactiveness. thanks for the hint! I bet i would have formated the whole thing to make it work again ;-)

cheers romullus,
dzieki maru

[Max] Resolved Bugs / Interactive mode missing in 7.2?
« on: 2014-12-03, 19:29:43 »
Hi guys,
today I updated corona 7.1 to 7.2 and after reloading the scene, the 'interactive' button in the corona render menu was gone. as well as the option in the view window.
the render menu is now showing a broader 'vfb window'-button... totally weird. I then reinstalled the 7.1 version, but the options remain missing... even after a fresh restart.

What am I missing here?

Gallery / Re: Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-03, 12:42:31 »
Thanks guys for your response!
@bouhmidage: The vegetation actually is very basic. 3 or 4 different types and scattered manually... didn't bother to use corona-scatter or forest pack. A few trees in the background and that's it. No big deal.
@snakebox: I agree concerning the composition issues. There is still a lot what I wanna try in this particular scene, not going for the crowded and over accessorised mood though. I guess it's all about a good balance... just like you mentioned.


Gallery / Re: Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-02, 20:18:22 »
two more shots from this project...

Gallery / Birchgro // SYD
« on: 2014-12-01, 15:52:05 »
Currently I'm working on a new residential project consisting of several images... here comes the first one. For high-res images check out my Behance ( or Flickr ( page and leave a comment below. Cheers... (rendered over night / 300-400passes / 3k res

romullus, I'm talking about the plugin, not the 3ds max own collorCorrectION.

hey guys,
I've just installed the SOA1 build and noticed, that the ColorCorrect plugin is not supported. I set up a vrayHdRI and wrapped the actual HDRI into the ColorCorrect plugin... to quickly adjust the saturation for example. When I hit render (or Interactive) the render remains black - without the plugin in between it's all fine.

any thoughts?

Gallery / Re: Interiors - subtle DOF
« on: 2014-09-30, 15:42:10 »
...some more images from this project.

Gallery / Re: Interiors - subtle DOF
« on: 2014-09-17, 14:43:39 »
thanks maru. i didn't render the dof just because I wasn't sure whether I wanted it in the finals or not. I wanted as much geometry in focus as possible and therefore keep the dof subtle. the area close to the camera would have been in focus even though I had rendered it in corona, due to the fairly high focal lenght (35mm) and the distance  to the objects. the hint with the sharp edges is quite nice, thanks for that. for a better comparison I'll give the rendered dof a shot... thanks for your efforts

Gallery / Re: Interiors - subtle DOF
« on: 2014-09-17, 12:50:35 »
@LKEdesign - thanks! there are actually four different maps (3000x2000px) all over the geometry. however, very similar ones. You don't really notice the end of one map and the beginning of another. True though. Thanks for the hint :-)
@maru - dof is made in post (zdepth mask 220cm-500cm). the first pic has some dof right at the end of the counter and by the window. what's wrong with it in partucular? too blurry?

Gallery / Interiors - subtle DOF
« on: 2014-09-17, 10:46:34 »
hey guys,
this is a personal project I've been working on in my spare time for quite a while now. these tree images are going to be part of a set of a residential building, that actually exists. The geometry is pretty much straight forward, as are the materials. I experimented with the DOF and finally did it in post... what do you think? -martin

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