Author Topic: Corona Tutorial YT Channel  (Read 1830 times)

2014-04-22, 05:56:21


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Hey guys (and gals, are there any?)

I'm really new to Corona
and when I looked at the tutorial section in the forum, I couldn't really find that much and has a lot of non-tutorial stuff in it.

So I'm thinking of starting a YT channel with Corona tutorials on shading, lighting and rendering (and optimization for different type of scenes).
It would be one where anybody with a good tutorial can submit a video to be uploaded and, if they have and want to, have their blog/site linked.

Even short walkthroughs of how a scene was set up, any shader you think deserves attention, lighting and rendersettings (even though there's not much to customize there)
could  help or some experimental testing work on materials and/or lighting.

Are there people interested in this and also somebody already has a tutorial now or in the planning that could be uploaded?