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There seems to be a naming conflict between the 2 "Kugel" objects listed in the LightMix. Can you please try renaming one of them?

Hello Bengamin

Wow, it's that simple.
I checked it with two problematic scenes and it works great after renaming the lights. :)
Thank you so much.

Is it possible that this didn't occur in earlier versions? I'm often a bit sloppy with naming lights and this never happened before.


I uploaded "hotelroom_lightmix_bug" with a very reduced c4d file and a CXR file.

Thank you very much for checking it.


Do I have to use the privat uploader page to send the dropbox link or can I send it via PM?

Hello Tom

Thanks for your reply.
The scene was made in corona 5 and I noticed the bug immediately in the image editor. I then downloaded and installed hotfix 2, but the problem is still there.
I don't see anything special with my lights. It's a very simple scene.

It's two light bulbs (corona light material) but no instance.

Additional information: I installed an earlier version of the Corona Image Editor and the problem remains. So it must already "happen" in Cinema 4d/Corona 5.

I can upload the CXR via Dropbox link, would that be ok for you?

Thanks so much


There is a Lightmix Bug in the Corona Image Editor.

This happens with different scenes/projects on both my Macs:

1. Open a CXR file in the Corona Image Editor
2. Change the value of any light source (for example the sky) in the LightMix

Result: Another random light will turn off completely. And stays off until I quit the application and
reopen the CXR file.

This only happens in the Corona Image Editor, not in the Corona VFB.
But the Corona Image Editor is no longer suitable for production this way.
(Is it possible to install an earlier version of the application? It never happened before)

Sample nr. 1:
In the hotel room, i changed the value of the Corona Sky and one light bulb turns off.

Sample nr. 2:
I change the value of the light on the welcome desk and the light-tube turns off.

Mac Pro 5,1, 12 Core, 64 GB RAM
OSX 10.14.5  Mojave
Cinema 4D R20, Corona 5 hotfix 2

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