Author Topic: Crashes all the time  (Read 226 times)

2023-11-27, 21:01:56


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Hi Folks, I have the same issues. Impossible to render any project. =( always crashing system (bluescreen: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT) (bluescreen: System_service_exception)

My Workstation:

Asus X399e
AMD Threatripper 1920X - Watercooled
128GB Corsair Ram

Corona 10 HF2
Cinema 4D R24

I schould at least be able to render something...., but everything crashes. Sometimes the whole PC and sometimes Cinema just shuts down.
Please help

2023-11-27, 21:43:58
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Not a Corona thing, and all the articles on the internet suggest the usual stuff (e.g. - make sure your Windows is up to date, check all your drivers, check if any devices show an exclamation point showing some problem in the device list, check RAM is properly seated and maybe run something to test the RAM, check cooling is working properly. When did this start happening, have you made any hardware changes around that time? Or a Windows update, or a driver update, or a BIOS update?
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