Author Topic: can't check denoiser in VFB...  (Read 261 times)

2023-11-04, 02:04:23


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I used to be able to check (or uncheck) the denoiser in the VFB when doing interactive renderings...  or am I wrong?  It doesn't work for me anymore.  Cinema4D 2023.2.2/ Corona 10, hotfix1

2023-11-06, 09:37:45
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If no denoise is activated in the render settings, the VFB will also be grayed out.

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2023-11-06, 14:43:35
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As far as I remember it was always this way, since during IR the checkbox doesn't control it, but the setting for realtime denoising controls it (e.g. if you have that set to NVIDIA for realtime, then it is always active and the VFB has no effect). VFB checkbox is for final renders.
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