Author Topic: Chaos Cosmos not working daily build 20 okt 2023  (Read 439 times)

2023-10-23, 19:33:34


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Hi, I see that the latest daily build crashes Chaos Cosmos. Was not able to get it back to work yet by deleting the cpkg files.
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Daily build 11 20 okt.

2023-10-24, 07:33:08
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Hello there,
Thank you for reporting the issue.
Could you please submit a support ticket?
You can use the link in my signature.
This may require additional assistance from our side.
Have an amazing day/evening.
Kind regards.
Benjamin Rosas |
3D Support Specialist - Corona | contact us
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2023-10-24, 11:31:26
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Thanks, I just installed the latest build on my Mac Studio and had no problem with Chaos Cosmos. I will just check again on my laptop. But I hardly use the laptop for Corona. So I will contact support if the problem persist and when I need it solved.