Author Topic: Rebuild a big ArchiCAD model  (Read 900 times)

2023-02-08, 10:27:29


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Hi all,

I'm looking to hire someone for a archviz modelling job.

It's not a fun one, I have to be honest.

I have a project with approx 14 buildings on site. All different. The 3d model comes from ArchiCAD and it is a bit of a mess.

I'd like someone to take this ArchiCAD export and clean it up nicely and sharply in 3ds max. Using layers is a must to differentiate between buildings and materials. Note: This job offer does not require any materiality or rendering.

It should be very clean geometry but it doesn't require much detail. The main focus will be on clean geometry and organized objects.

I would expect to do this sometime this month (Feb, 2023) and for the modelling to be in about 1 week.

We could begin with modelling a single building first as a (paid) trial, then see how we go.

If you're interested, please PM me with some sort of example screenshot and a rough quote. (I know it's hard to quote for this, so it's open to negotiation, but I do have a rough figure in mind for the whole job already).

Nicolas Pratt
Another Angle 3D