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[Max] I need help! / Re: Corona Slicer
« on: 2024-03-04, 00:06:31 »
I've come across the same hurdle and did request an inverse clipper. It was ignored, I think.

The only solution I've found is to basically inverse the slicer geometry - i.e. shell it bigtime so it's very thick enveloping the whole sliced geometry.

I agree! It feels a bit limited.

My work-around is to use the clearcoat. It's not great, but if often suffices

[Max] I need help! / Re: model / geometry disappears
« on: 2024-02-13, 01:49:00 »
Just FYI: "PrintScreen" is a very useful feature available on your keyboard

I know, I know, I know... this is a known limitation

But come on, this has been bugging us users for 3+ years now and we still have to deal with it.

CoronaLights with a directionality of over (approx. 0.45) means it is no longer visible in reflections/refractions.

Any plans to fix this very annoying, very often reported, pest of an issue?

Would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

[Max] I need help! / Stop light bounce?
« on: 2024-02-01, 03:04:45 »
I have a colorful light 'projecting' light onto a white floor from a LightMaterial (applied to a simple plane) with a 'inclusion' turned on to project only onto the floor

It works well, expect the light is bouncing up off the floor and illuminating objects around it. Not desirable in this particular situation.

I've never come across this hurdle before, so not sure how I can eliminate the light 'bouncing'?

Is it perhaps some sort of combination of ray-switch and inclusion?

Any tips? Thanks!

Not sure if I was experiencing a bug, or if it's a known limitation...but

Today I had a multi-map material with a CoronaLightMtl plugged into one of the slots.

The light worked, but it didn't emit onto itself (ie; the other materials in the same object).

I don't think this is new behavior...?

Will try to replicate if I find time.

Corona 12 Daily Dec 13. Max 2024.2


I just tested too (will show later) with latest scatter and with a not-so-simple scatter object and spline and it was converted 'off' again.

The xform hasn't been changed.

I'll continue testing...


18 months later and this is still a very annoying problem.

Any hope to fix this? Or any way to avoid this?


I have recently started sharing my PC with another user.

I'm now getting licensing issues.

If the other user turns on the PC, logs in on their account and then I later come and log in, my Corona license won't work. It says no valid license is available.

The other user isn't using Corona or Max. So I don't know what's going on...

I must restart the PC and log-in as my user for Corona license to work.

What also happens is that if I press the "open license manager" button when the error pops up, I try to sign-in but it wont - it just refreshes back to the same page every time... so I can't even log in.

Any tips here?

Sorry to chime in, off topic.

Just cool to see that video, I worked on the design of that real-world architecture project in Paris back in the day :D

(The original concept was done in Grasshopper)

Cool to see it re-surface here unexpectedly.

Apologies, I think I might have possibly led you on the wrong track!

Although this did start with C12 installation, it is also possible that it's Pulze SM causing the out-of-core file location to reset every time I load a Pulze scene. I think perhaps the settings override might have this saved, hence it defaults back to an invalid drive every time.

Worth checking out anyway.

I've been playing around with the displacement lister today for the first time.

First thing, it seems quite buggy. If I rename one of the materials that has displacement while the lister is open, it seems to crash. Also if I open the lister, close it, then rename a material and re-open the lister. This is happening in a very heavy file though, so might be hard to replicate.

Second thing; it's a bit strange that displacement has an on/off toggle in the lister, but not in the material settings? Is there not a way to turn off a displacement on a material any other way than the lister? Edit: Ah, I see it's toggle is in the maps list at the bottom of the material properties. Maybe this should also be in the displacement settings area of the material?

General CG Discussion / Re: Help with Max scripting
« on: 2024-01-11, 10:48:00 »

The 'saving only happens if a save is required' seemed a bit beyond my capabilities, so I didn't bother. But this is clever of you, and I feel pleased to have I've influenced you, Frood :)


Every time I open a scene (on both PC's) I get the out of core error pop.

Disabling it, or resetting it seems to do nothing.

See attached for details. Max 2024.2, Windows 10. Daily build C12 Dec 13.


I bet this is really frustrating. I have tried numerous times to reproduce this here, and I have failed every time. Can you provide a list of every plugin you are using and if you are using any render managers?



Yes, I am using Pulze SM. (Ad RM).

Apart from that it's just Phoenix, I think?

I think one issue is that I cloned my PC... then on the clone changed the user and PC names. It's searching on my old user folder.

However, this only started happening when I upgraded to C12. It worked fine for 1-2 months on C11.

TBH, This out of core has been nothing but a headache since day one of its arrival.

I don't use it. I don't want to use it. But it still causes crashes, often, and now this annoyingness too.

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