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This can be quite easily done with Corona Decal ;)

Hi Aram, there's a little minsunderstooding in my request/romullus answer...I agree whit the fact that "the faster the texturing, the worse the result will be" but I'm expetting better results in complex ground (in this case) materials. I expect a better "faster" workflow than mine if there are alternatives. Thanks.

This should be discussed on the very case you have.
Can you please send a ticket at: and attach the scene?
The rest of the communication will be there, and we may also update this thread afterwards.

Hardware / Re: New PC Build AMD Ryzen 7950X VS 7960X
« on: Yesterday at 10:10:54 »
Well, there is a significant difference between 7950X and 7970X, so if budget is not a problem, go for it.
I do wish every Corona user has as powerful PC as possible :)

Hardware / Re: New PC Build AMD Ryzen 7950X VS 7960X
« on: Yesterday at 09:42:19 »
I would say if the price difference "covers" the 20-30% of performance boost (I would say this is not so significant, you feel "real" difference starting from 40-50% in my experience, e.g. 5950x vs 7950x with fast DDR5) then go for it.
Keep in mind that with 7950X there are more chassis options than with 7960X.

I don't know what is your previous CPU, but you can calculate the real performance with Corona using the benchmark scores page.
Check the average default results (e.g. 5th page from 10) for your previous CPU, then for the new one (unfortunately there are no 7960X results but there are for 7970X), and decide accordingly.
If upgrading, say, from 3900X to 7950X, you won't "feel" much difference compare to from 3900X to 7960X, this is what I mean, and price increase would not justify it in my opinion.

Gallery / Re: BMW m850i - CGI sea rendering
« on: 2024-02-26, 16:50:38 »
Nice renders!
And if the sea was pure 3d modeling and shading in Corona, then it is one hell of a good job done.
But the description (here and behance) is confusing - did you use Blender and Octane to create these renders?
Or you used 3ds Max and Corona to create these very renders, and some part of it (HDRI, model etc.) was done using other tools?


AgX config files were loaded into custom OCIO workflow of 3ds Max Color management, and everything worked fine - meaning it got loaded and recognized.
The main issue here still remains that Frame buffer view transform is not supported (AgX is a view transform) yet by Corona in OCIO workflow.
After frame buffer view transform implementation, which will mostly complete 3ds Max Color management support for Corona, this can be retested.

This tool is fantastic for helping to narrow down the objects with unnecessary displacement/crazy resolution textures etc. but would be even more helpful if there was an option to select the objects listed/put the material into the material editor, resize textures.

Sorry for the delay, this is reported now.
(Internal ID=1309707354)


Did Romullus' suggestions work for you?
Do you need further help with anything?

You can actually strip/remove the output paths for the render elements and they should be saved in the safe folder as the batch output by default.

Thank you.

Here I did a test in Corona and Fstorm.
250 passes with Corona.
To me it looks like the detail of the texture is lost or clamped in Corona (first image).
In both the mapping and texture are the same.
In both cases I used zero roughness.

The archive is here:

I don't think that the detail is lost in Corona.
Even if the material setup is virtually the same, render engine may have different calculation algorithms.
I would say this is simply about artistic control - getting the look you want in any render engine.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MtlOverride - Preserve Glass
« on: 2024-02-21, 12:08:03 »
Ok, this is reported now.

(Internal ID=1307197465)

I wanted to bump, no pun intended, this thread and see if this will ever be possible in a render engine like Corona.
Is it even possible with Vray CPU or GPU?

What I'm talking about is to have a bump map to create brushed effects like in real life, the way Fstorm does it.

To create a brushed metal material, even with extreme close ups, is absolutely possible with Corona (and any modern render engine I believe). It just takes artistic control and depends on how "deep" you want to go. Simple answer will be to use texture with extreme detail, and turn off the texture filtering, so all the detail is taken into account as much as possible (0.01 filter value for Corona). But this can cause heavy flickering of the surface in case of animations. You just have to try it once and see how it "feels". This is the reason textures are filtered by default to be safe.
I know most Corona users do stills, so you are absolutely fine to just disable filtering for textures if you want (even for all of them).

The technical part here is mostly about texture filtering, which different engines do differently or just have different control over it, in connection with the host app as well.
This has actually been to some degree covered by the new "Roughness modulation" filtering mode for CoronaPhysicalMtl - if you use extremely detailed texture for bump, it will turn out to be anisotrophy (how it works in real life). "Roughness modulation" will understand how much of the texture as bump/normal (much calculation) should be considered, and how much of it can be treated as roughness (less complex calculation), depending on the distance from camera (think of it as condensing 1000 pixels of texture into 10 pixels in render resolution). But as it takes much effort and very detailed textures, that is why renders engine have separate, more convenient control for it, to get perceptually the same effect.

[Max] Bug Reporting / Re: MtlOverride - Preserve Glass
« on: 2024-02-21, 11:27:58 »
I think nested material override exclusion is not supported, it may work e.g. for Multi/Sub-object but not for Blend or Rayswitch.

This will be more like a feature request for material override exclusion to support possible nesting.
In your case, I think it is much easier to simply select objects with Select material and just exclude them by adding to the list.

Gallery / Re: First serious Corona scene
« on: 2024-02-21, 11:24:55 »
Good job!

You can add a few more views to make the whole project more interesting.

[Max] I need help! / Re: "Thin Shell"
« on: 2024-02-19, 12:32:31 »
I mean in the very material (CoronaPhysicalMtl or CoronaLegacyMtl) itself:
Base level 1.0, base color white, refraction 1.0, roughness 0.0, thin shell enabled.

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