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Since there was a Hotfix to Corona 11 and also the new 2024.4 had some promising new feature, I've installed both and tried out our beloved little bugs. Seems like the bug somehow changed . Now, the color stays after re-loading it from the Asset Browser (most of the time), but the Bump value still is replaced with the full 100%, instead of the previously set value before loading it into the database. Just for a quick update on the topic from my side.


I'm using a Distance shader inside the Chaos Scatter - Surface Scattering - Distribution as a mask to control the scattering. After some troubles everything is working right, but it appears to be a problem for the viewport update process, if the objects that are used inside the Distance shader (Distance from ...) are nested / childs of each other, if they are polygon objects (?) Sorry, if that doesn't sound right - I've attached a test scene where it is quite obvious what I meant. If I move the Null (dist_objs), the viewport updates immediately. If I move the first object (dist_obj), it is the same. But moving only the second polygon object (dist_obj_child), nothing happens with the Scatter object. After re-enabling the Scatter it is back to normal. Don't know if this is something relevant or important, but it is something that happens. Even though it doesn't affect the outcome afterall.


(Previous posts in this thread:

A fresh setup did the trick. And somehow, if the Distance Shader range has no noise / textures linked, the viewport update is immediate. If there is a noise texture linked, the viewport refreshes after I've disabled and enabled the Scatter. Thanks for your input!

If you can reliably reproduce this behaviour, then consider reporting it as a bug.

Tried to reproduce the behaviour in a new scene and will start a bug-thread, but within the C4D section :) It wasn't the noise that caused the bug. It was because of some 'nested' polygon objects that are used for Distance tracing. Thanks!

A fresh setup did the trick. And somehow, if the Distance Shader range has no noise / textures linked, the viewport update is immediate. If there is a noise texture linked, the viewport refreshes after I've disabled and enabled the Scatter. Thanks for your input!

Just wondering, if there is any chance that the newer versions of C4D 2024 (.4 , since yesterday) would solve the Asset Browser problem somehow?

Sorry for changing the topic a little bit, but I did try to use Corona Distance as a Surface Scattering mask with Chaos Scatter yesterday and somehow failed to. Now that you mentioned it would be already possible with Corona Distance (instead of Corona Edge Mask) I'm a little bit curious. :) My current status is, that it only works with Transformation, Rotation or Scale mask but not with the Surface Scattering itself. And even the three working things don't behave always 100% logical. Is there any chance you may could provide a small setup that I could try? I'm working with C4D, but I guess or at least hope that it is working for 3DS the same way as with C4D. No problem if there is no time for that ... that post alone gave me some motivation to make more tests / different setups.

We're waiting to upgrade to 2024 as long as we can't use the Asset Browser and until today it didn't bother us that much. :) But it seems that at least another problem we have with 2023 would be fixed in 2024 and this really would improve our workflow. For now, if we use Corona Bitmaps with the Asset Browser, a problem occurs where the Corona Bitmap is completely blank after re-importing the Asset out of the Asset Browser. The node really loses every 'content' (text, information, ...) and is useless. After re-importing the Texture with a new Corona Bitmap node everything works fine again. (or after switching back to a C4D Bitmap node) At least it seems this is working in 2024 and that would be really nice to have. :)

Are there any updates if that problem could be fixed in the near future? Only with Corona 12 or is there maybe a chance for another Hotfix? 

2024.2.0 and Corona 11. Also tried it with a local Asset Browser Database (previously Database was stored on a NAS)

Not for me, unfortunately. Tried it with a simple cube and a Corona Physical material.

Preparing a test scene is always a great way of troubleshooting.

Got to the point where I would say, the grass assets created with Forester will crash while using Edge Trimming. Once converted, it renders without any problem. Looks like that thread was opened a little bit too fast and I'm off to the other support site now. :)

Thanks anyway!

Same thing happens in this scene. But I can share the new one. Just to be sure: The original problem / crash happened because of the Forester assets and Corona. Now, the crash is gone but it doesn't use Edge Trimming only with the Forester assets. Therefor the test scene needs that plugin. :) I'll start a ticket + mention this thread.

Thank you!

No problem. Was just wondering if reaching out via the forum is the right way anyway. I really like it that way, at least :).

I've four screenshots attached. First two are with 2024, last two are with 2023. Same scene, nothing changed.
What I've noticed: 2024 doesn't use Edge Trimming properly and even the 'Full' mesh display doesn't work either. In the 2023 scene the wireframe shows some assets - but nothing in 2024.

Hi! Just wondering if there are any news regarding this issue? Or should I contact support via the support homepage?
We now already tried to re-install C4D + Corona 11 on a PC, but somehow the Trimming doesn't apply anymore.

Thanks! While the workaround is ok for now and gives nice results (not to mention the time saved while using the Pattern Modifier) I'm also looking forward to future improvements / updates. :)

Ah, nice to know! Already existing bug report gives me hope for a quick fix. Unfortunately that is some really nasty little bug.

Don't know if it will help, but I had a somewhat similar question and got a nice workaround for my problem.

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