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I'm using a Distance shader inside the Chaos Scatter - Surface Scattering - Distribution as a mask to control the scattering. After some troubles everything is working right, but it appears to be a problem for the viewport update process, if the objects that are used inside the Distance shader (Distance from ...) are nested / childs of each other, if they are polygon objects (?) Sorry, if that doesn't sound right - I've attached a test scene where it is quite obvious what I meant. If I move the Null (dist_objs), the viewport updates immediately. If I move the first object (dist_obj), it is the same. But moving only the second polygon object (dist_obj_child), nothing happens with the Scatter object. After re-enabling the Scatter it is back to normal. Don't know if this is something relevant or important, but it is something that happens. Even though it doesn't affect the outcome afterall.


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I'm experiencing a strange bug with C4D 2024.2 and Corona 11. If I create a Physical Material and define a color, apply that to a default cube and add that cube into the Asset Browser, the material will turn grey after I load the asset out of the Asset Browser again. Does not happen with a Legacy Material. Somehow it felt like a Cinema bug and therefore I've created a bug ticket on their support site as well. But maybe it is something Corona specific? It is really really strange. We're on Windows 10. Attached is a simple test scene where I can reproduce the error.

Hi all!

I've a question about the Corona Pattern Edit Mode. If I understand it correctly, selecting 'Only crop box' should only distribute the mesh inside the orange box. Switching to Whole object should distribute the whole pattern mesh, completely ignoring the orange box? Or does the orange box dimensions get distributed but the whole mesh is applied anyway, which would be the outcome I'm hoping for? Because the mesh I'm working has mesh elements that I don't want to cut because of a Multi Shader that is based on the mesh elements. Otherwise the material will switch on the same mesh element. Right now I've to cut the overlapping part to get it tileable, but that comes with the unwanted material switch halfway.

Ok! But to come back at the Edit Mode question: Somehow nothing changes if I switch the mode for my pattern. I've attached a test scene where I somehow believe (or hope), that the blue cylinder should be distributed too if the 'Whole object' mode is enabled?

Thanks in advance for any help or explanation into that direction!


as mentioned in the topic name, grass assets that have edge trimming active in the Opacity slot are crashing the render right at the start. This is new in 2024.1 and / or Corona 10 (HF2). Unfortunately I can't test it with C4D 2023.2.2 and Corona 10 (HF2), only without the hotfix. About ~ 1 year ago today I'd kind of the same problem with crashes while Edge Trimming is active and I'm not really sure what solved the problem. Did some trail and error to get rid of that crash but I guess it solved itself over time. But now the problem happens with a newer version, still working with 2023.

Could it be a bug or should I wait it out? :)

Thanks for the great work!

Hi, hope you all doing fine! :)

I'm working with Chaos Scatter in Corona 9 (C4D 2023) and I try to use the Scatter for some small parts / thin stripes on my ground plane.
Because of the nice stuff the Scatter comes with, including the Include / Exclude with Splines and also the Edge Trimming I somehow hoped that this setup would be enough to scatter the plants, without having to cut out little islands out of my big ground plane to spawn the plants on. But it seems like - internally - Chaos Scatter deploys instances for the whole object which results in crashes if I'm overdoing the Instances / cm². Camera clipping is on, the viewport only shows me preview objects inside my spline but yeah - it crashes. If I use a way smaller ground object everything works fine. :)

Am I missing something there or is it a technical limitation I'm not aware of? For now it works like every other Scatter plugin I've tried - really hoped that I can get rid of that tedious work.

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