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[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: OCIO and ACES workflows
« on: 2024-03-02, 14:23:02 »
"From my quick testing there is very little if any visual difference between the wide color space and ACEScg"

in my recent test the acis color space looks in some renders quite different, but actually wrong(very blueish tint), in vray it looks right.

so i stick with the default adobe wide for now. good to hear a real acis pipeline will come:)


some changes in the newest v12 daily, makes the interface of c4d stalls or freezes, i almost cant do anything while i render, even with ipr. cpu usuage is very high near 100% even on ipr which should not take all cores.

any idea? maybe the lastest optimisation for many cores machines did shoot over a bit ? :)
first i thouhgt it did freeze, but seems is only using the cpus so extreme.

it is even hard to press the stop button on ipr

EDIT: after c4d restart it seem sok again for now. if this happens again i post it here.


[C4D] Feature Requests / V-Ray fur plugin for Corona too?
« on: 2024-03-01, 10:00:24 »
there is one plugin i reall love in Vray. this is the fur plugin.

I wonder if this could be in both apps, as Chaosa scatter is, like Chaos fur?

Corona has the smae hair render features as vray i think, at leats it renders splines and maxon hair, so probably also vrayfur woudl be possible?

vrayfur is so great for carpets, fine fibres on fabrics, fur of course, and a lot more



i think i found a bug:

when i render in IPR and switch the c4d render setting to another(like changing render size or proportion) I get a crash.
i am on daily v12.

can anybody confirm this? i can reproduce it here.

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: Chaos Vantage
« on: 2024-02-26, 10:26:00 »

it is as far i understand there is also "game tech" used (direct x12 and nvidia things) under the hood, and it can deal with amazing huge scenes in real time, classic apps or render exports like c4d or 3dsmax itself would be never capable of handling this that fast. so it is quite more than just adding gpu rendering, but a complete new architecture under the hood to manage the geometry in real time.

there for an extra application. i use it and it is pretty amazing, it is real time with bruteforce (=pathtracing) and light cache (like coronas UHD), so very good quality, using very intelligent denoisers to manage that in real time, you can even mix nvidia and intel denoiser in its settings.
also the interface is now becoming real nice and useful, more like the modern engines like d5 etc, but will full cosmos, chaos scatter etc support and direct connection (to vray for now).

i very much hope corona 12 adds support, (otherwise i probably would've to switch back to vray)

for me it makes me happy, as I see chaos is here top notch again on newest tech and I not have the feel I need to switch to unreal or other new real time tech out there.

yes Nejc,

for many thinks i love the new physical material, in special the thin surface SSS and glossy glass that is possible with it, also the coating and sheen of course.
as said it is great to have both options side by side:)


Thank you Steven for the very nice feedback! :)

make some happy.
we put a lot of love and work into the materials.

for the legacy, for now I prefer this type of materials with the legacy material which will stay for ever and will not be removed - the Corona team confirmed.
there is no drawback in using it, the physical is only easier to setup in the sense it is less easy possible to make a "non physical" material with it;)
if the legacy is used right it delivers exact the same features and quality for that type of materials PLUS that it still has the reflection color slot which I miss sometimes.

today if i make new libraries i might use the physical for more materials, but i still use both types, depending on the needs, the legacy has overall more control in the reflection, the physical has some nice new features like sheen etc so fabric or SSS related material i for sure make with the physical mat.

so both are good to use, for concrete, i think legacy is best.


[C4D] Daily Builds / Re: OCIO and ACES workflows
« on: 2024-02-15, 10:18:19 »
the info says cronona will render adobe wide RGB internally, but in fact we can change this internal color space  to acis in the experimental settings. does that make sense to use?

[Max] Feature Requests / Re: Curves window issue (Corona 11)
« on: 2024-02-05, 14:30:37 »

same for c4d version please!

"Sorry for the tangent here, but can't Vantage be used for animations"

Vantage is excellent for animations!
i see this as main sense for Vantage.

i hope the vrscene export from Corona will include the c4d animation (as V-Ray C4D does it)

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Vantage for Corona
« on: 2024-01-27, 22:35:58 »
does this means Corona will get the ability to export vrscene files? (Similar as Enscape3d has it now since last update)

this would be Big imho.
--> maybe open support for chaos cloud?
--> able even to import vrscene files from Corona C4d to Corona 3dsmax, or Vray C4d/max etc via the vrscene loader? (vrscene as ultimate exchange format between all chaos apps)

[C4D] Feature Requests / Re: Vantage for Corona
« on: 2024-01-25, 22:26:47 »
WOW! very good news:)

VERY nice, thanks! :)

[C4D] General Discussion / Re: lightmix
« on: 2024-01-11, 19:43:35 »
hm, maybe i not undertand what he wants. but i use it that way for more than one hdri.

 overall  i use it the way that the "rest" really is only the "leftovers" withut any light in it, so all light and light materials have their own layer, then the "rest layer" has nothing but an BG maybe, and every thing is tunable in seperate layers.

that said i not use envrionments only dome lights(sky)

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