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there is no need to stress Robin
Smedge support 3ds out of the box so it also support Corona or do i miss something ?

[Max] General Discussion / Re: REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2014-03-29, 21:28:28 »
1 you install a little plugin to 3ds - its called Farminizer and he care about all nessessary points
not care about textures and pathes - just send the job the way you sse it in the video - you can do wrong.

2 nothing - your PC is independed of the render in farm
you can close 3ds - play a game or shut down pc during render

3 Farminizer will tell you in case you use one unsupported format

4 - for animation render we do - still image render distributed we do not

5 no (better say not yet)

6 Farminizer will tell you in case you use one unsupported plugins - after 6 years supportinig 3ds we have all common plugs yet

[Max] General Discussion / REBUS RenderFarm
« on: 2014-03-28, 22:38:12 »
hi all

We are a commercial renderfarm and we supporting Corona render now.

We can render still image distributed using 100 (or 25) render render nodes.
Aswell animations with upto 850 nodes.
Each node is 12core Xeon of 2,4ghz and 32GB Ram.

Since Corona support Progresive rendering we have implemented a pretty new workflow for still images.
Using Progressive you can setup the render costs in advance. No more question "how much" a render whould
costs since YOU tell me how much it can :-)

If you register you get fee 25 euro automaticly. Send a simple test and see the magic!
The workflow is super simple and easy.
Install a little Plugin to 3ds and start renders directly out of 3ds in the farm with only 3 clicks.

If render output is wrong or if you thing you found a bug let me know and I polish the system

happy render.


[Max] General Discussion / Re: something big is coming !
« on: 2014-03-28, 16:49:31 »
rendering still images you have 2 options

bucket engine  - it render the image until all passes are done but here you not know the render costs

progressive - you cen set the render costs in advace!
the beast eat the scene until all euro are spend - you get the highest possible passes worth the money
how many passes denpend on the scene and resolution

you have 2 choise - best quality but not know the price and konw the price but not the quality

i guess monday i am done with all my testings and i go live

[Max] General Discussion / Re: something big is coming !
« on: 2014-03-28, 15:53:36 »
Well... my point is... at work, we got quite a big renderfarm that can render the sequence in about 6-8 hours... but when i calculated electricity comnsumption and added some fee for renting the computers, it was still over a dozen times cheaper than what rebus offers :)

then you are a lucky guy
its always cheaper to use own hardware  - if someone can ;-)

another example I did with "the beast"
220 euro 750 frames - bucket engine 7passes --> just 3 hour

[Max] General Discussion / Re: something big is coming !
« on: 2014-03-28, 14:35:40 »
So i have this little animation i am working. First piece to put in my future reel. It's 450 frames...  just 18 seconds of animation. There is motion blur, particles and stuff...  but i managed to get it on a nice 60 minutes/frame on my older i7 870...

I intend to render it at work, where we have farm... but just out of curiosity, i tried rebusfarm...  i opened calculator, entered my amount of frames and rendertime, clicked calculate andHOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!! almost 400€...  incredible...  i expected renderfarms to be expensive... but not THIS expensive...  wow...  i will probably never use any renderfarm at THESE prices :O

you just see the price but not the benefit
you render 450 hour for the 18sec animation - thats 19 DAYS !!
a renderfarm do the same job in 2-3 hours

you pay for the speed - not for the render  :-)

lets assume the price is 4000 euro - thats more then 190 DAYS of render

[Max] General Discussion / Re: something big is coming !
« on: 2014-03-27, 14:21:10 »
How many cores?

more then 20.000 cores

[Max] General Discussion / something big is coming !
« on: 2014-03-27, 11:59:43 »
and its coming to you soon ... a hungry monster, strong and super fast !
But dont fear the beast - love it.


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