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Hello Community

I have a (hopefully) simple question.

I would like to have a simple object like a cube that is above a landscape and casts a shadow caused by Sun/Sky or an HDRI on that landscape. See attachment.

Is there a possibility to have the scene rendered with just the cube and the shadow to get a transparent PNG file featuring both elements ? Without the landscape and background visible ?

I would like to have the cube with the shadow in Photoshop so I can put different colors in the Background.

How do I get that shadow and the object as one thing ? Is this even possible ?

Thanks a lot !

There a couple ways to do this. I'm guessing you need the landscape without the cube so you can add color later, so render that alone. Then, apply a Shadow Catcher material to the landscape. Set this material to Environment and For Compositing. You might also need a Corona Compositing tag on the sky set to Not Seen By Camera. Set your Render Setting so save Alpha. Render out as a PNG or any format that support an alpha channel. Boom.

If i missed any step, someone please correct me.

Edit: If you're only adding color to the landscape you'll need a mask for it, or render it separately.


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