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How to extend / clip Bitmap

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Hi there,

still a pretty new user to Cinema4D and Corona Rendered

How can one set up a bitmap, without it repeating/tiling?

I am not talking about randomizing the tiling in general, but in the picture i attached to this post, you can see a Porsche emblem on a rim, and i only want it once, without it repeating at the outer boundries of the specific area where the main emblem is mapped.

In blender for example, you can set up each texture, if the texture should repeat itself outside the UV Boundries, or if it should extend, or clip.

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks in advance!


Have you tried unchecking ''Tile'' in the material settings?

Hi Beanzvision

Thanks for the reply-

Yes this could work in theory, unfortunately not for this case, because i also have a Bumpmap that should tile across the whole rim, and when unchecking the "tile" option, this transfers to all the Bitmaps of said material.

Only this one Normal Map should not tile.

For example in Octane, there's the "border mode" option for single textures ( see attached file )

If there's no similar function, that might be a good point for the Request section, as this function could be of use for adding Stickers, or Labels for Products.


have you tried using the "Crop/Placement" and "Additional mapping" parameters inside Corona Bitmap?
You can set the tiling, position and width/height of the bitmap in there.


You can also remove the Porsche logo from that bumpy version, and create a second material with just the logo. You then just place this to the right of the first material (in the Object Manager). Stacking materials in C4D goes from left (bottom) to right (top). From on the logo material, you can turn off tiling and position the logo as needed.

Let us know if any of this makes sense.


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