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Corona Scatter Camera Clipping


Recently i found somewhere on this forum that it is possible to use camera clipping on coronascatter.
I can't seem to find this again, and i really want to use it. Is this only in the daily builds? or am i overlooking the function?

I suppose you mean this custom solution by Romullus:,2466.msg62661.html#msg62661

But unfortunately he did did not explain how he made it (yet). :)

Yes, that was it. Would really like to see this implemented, my scatter count is very large with grasses, plants, trees.
I guess we'll just wait ;-)

I think i just accidently downloaded leaked build with some fancy features for future and there was this thing :]

I'll try to find some time this evening and will show how to do this in tips & tricks topic. It's just a camera mapping basically.



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