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Great, you can also paint some details on the path so that:
a) the grass is not "cut off" but gradually becomes less dense - you can blur the edges of path for this, or feed vertex color map into color correction node and change gamma/pivot/gain
b) use the same/modified map as scale map, so that there are bigger and smaller grass clumps

Thanks for the tips!

unfortenately my grass patches are circles of 1 meter diameter. I think that is the reason the edges do not look that good. Don't know if blurring the edge of the vertex color helps for making the edge the way it looks now.

I am not too satisfied with how the edge looks at the moment. Maybe i need to put smaller grass clumps manually at the edge?

You can create second scatter for smaller grass patches and then tweak density map's curves of that scatter.

Attaching max2011 scene for example.

Cool! I didn't know that technique, i will give it at try for the next test render.


I was wondering, why not only use the small patches?
I have done some tests with Forest Pack and with Corona Scatter and I can't find a real difference in render times when using only small patches.

Small patches adopt better to terrain nuances work better with edges, color variation, and clustering of variations.

Am I overlooking something here?


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