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Ondra that's interesting!

Btw I hope nobody took my little test as an advice.
Especially not when they could turn in horrible results :).
I was just wondering and trying to understand how it works. Thanks for explaining.

btw, you can also use object paint from 3ds max ribbon to paint instances (proxies) by hand, it's pretty easy and fast


--- Quote from: romullus on 2015-10-01, 23:31:08 ---Yay! Finally we have new MSI-200 rule :] Thanks!

--- End quote ---

Sorry to bump up an old thread.

I was just quickly going through this post when I saw your comment Romullus; what is this MSI-200 rule (of thumb I presume) that you are referring to? Until now, I've never questioned the default MSI-20...
Is there some cases that needs up MSI-200??

I must have missed an important thread somewhere..


Default settings is fine. MSI200 is just a forum joke... a bad one :]

I'll edit my post to not confuse more people.


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