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Hey Guys,

I am wondering if it is possible to also set exclude areas in Corona Scatter? I have some concrete slabs where i don't want the plants to be scattered. As you can see, the grass is now intersecting the objects. I have different corona scatter systems, so i would like to set the exclusion on all of them.


You can either create a separate distribution object and make in non-renderable, or you can use density map to exclude that region.

Not sure if i understand what you mean. I attached an image of the scene. I would like to make a path towards the house. The plane is the surface i scattered alle the objects on. I would like to exclude the path between the red lines. How would you do this? I tried to paint in vertex color, but i am not sure how this works, and how to use this as an exclude map.


Here are some images.

vertex paint:
add vertex paint modifier, paint white areas that will be used for scattering, paint black areas that will be clear, then put vertex color map in the cscatter density map

delete some of the base object's vertices/faces put this object over the original base, make it non-renderable (object settings > renderable off)

Super! Thanks to your tip it worked, i got myself a path.


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