Author Topic: Save passes post procces in corona renderer  (Read 139 times)

2023-06-03, 00:30:26


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How to save the passes that have corona post processing? I did the post processing, I saved my passes in .exr but when I open them in photoshop, the same image that I adjusted in corona renderer does not remain, say that if I get a pass called lightmix, which is the "beauty" with the post processing, but I I need the passes separately help please

2023-06-06, 10:23:17
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Aram Avetisyan

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The post processing/Tone mapping is applied to all render elements.
If you adjust any render element with the tone mapping and then save it out in any format, including .exr, you should see the same result as in Corona Frame buffer.
To do this you can click "Save" in the VFB and pick .exr for each render element, or you can click and hold on "Save", pick "Save all" and set a base name and a format. This will save everything out with applied tone mapping, same as in Corona VFB.

Do you have some custom color profile applied in Photoshop?
Are the tone mapping settings completely ignored/missing when saved out to .exr from VFB (set high contrast and/or saturation, save, then check the difference), or the loaded image in Photoshop looks different (not necessarily missing the tone mapping settings) than in VFB?

Sharing screenshot and being more specific with the reports is always better and welcome.
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