Author Topic: Chaos Phonix problem  (Read 138 times)

2023-06-02, 15:12:38


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Hello friends.

I created water animation with Phoniex plugin. 73 frames in total...

While you see a quality water effect at one angle, you see a reduced quality water add-on at the other angle.

Because the quality effect was rendered on the main machine with 1 processor.

The other angle was rendered on the farm with DRSERVER.

When I use Drserver, even copying the phoniex files to the drserver folder in the local partition does not solve my job. How can I get other machines to read these files?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

2023-06-02, 16:09:14
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They look like two different scenes.  Phoenix isn't the only issue here.  Where are the textures in the second image?  The vanity marble is a different texture altogether.

The first image looks like a Beauty pass, the second image looks like a render element

2023-06-02, 16:39:50
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As dj_buckley noticed, these two images indeed do look different, but not only in the Phoenix area. The textures are different, and there are some other differences in object appearance.

If you can confirm that the Phoenix object getting semi-transparent is he only issue you are facing - please let me know.
Otherwise, we would need to troubleshoot a different type of issue.
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