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Old bugs / shortcomings in Corona for C4D

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Do we need a current inventory list of old bugs/ shortcomings that still exists in corona 9/10 for C4D? Too many times these issues seem to get “forgotten” in the bug/ feature request sections.

We are almost 8 versions into CoronaC4D and there are still things that never worked in C4D but they do work in Max.
A “big” one for me is deformation motion blur & velocity pass not working in C4D but they work in Max.
To be clear, I’m not asking about new features that we might want to have, I’m just asking to give us the same features Max users already have.
After all, we are paying the same for Corona as the max users do!

Does it make sense to start a “missing features - inventory list” that developers can work on before V10 comes out?
Instead of spending time on "fun" new features like Chaos Phoenix, maybe working on something we C4D users can actually use would be great.


If the bugs are already reported on here, they will already be on our internal to-do lists and are being prioritized accordingly. Prioritization is of course tricky- C4D users don't want to be left behind without new features because older things were being worked on, so it's a balancing act (as is all things when it comes to picking what is being worked on and when). Listing them again will not help at all and will just confuse things with multiple reports of the same issue.

Meantime, for anything that hasn't been posted about already, feel free to report that, but again in a separate thread. That makes it easy for us to find the reports, and to list things ourselves internally :) Thanks!

PS - not much has been done for Phoenix lately, the only change was the inclusion of the licensing. Phoenix compatibility was actually finished a long time ago :)

PPS - and done by the Max team, so it took no time away from the C4D team.


--- Quote from: TomG on 2023-01-19, 17:09:10 ---Prioritization is of course tricky- C4D users don't want to be left behind without new features because older things were being worked on,…

--- End quote ---
Thanks Tom,
I get that, but as I said, I’m talking about VERY OLD bugs/ missing features.
As an example of another “big” one, the missing SOLO NODE in C4D first came up in Nov. 2018. See
This is a very useful feature for EVERY user but since this feature seems to be supported in Max OTB for all render engines, this is probably not important enough to make it work just for C4D users. The workaround for this missing feature is very time consuming and makes the workflow for C4D users so much slower!

Are you saying this feature has been on your to-do-list for the past 4+ years and there was never any time to work on this?
Or, is this feature in your view not important enough to get any prioritization?

Prioritization is an art, tricky, and one of those "you can't please everyone all of the time" situations. Out of interest, all the solo node and the motion blur improvements and the velocity pass are already on our list, so long as there is a post here, it will be on our list. Best steps to do a "reminder" is to post to an existing thread, but doing a whole new list here just means we have one more post to reply to when action is taken, and we have to spend time going through the list to see if all are on our list (time better spent doing things on our list ;) ). So as ever, the best way to get something done is to post a specific issue to its own specific thread, and where possible keep everything about that specific issue to that one thread. Thanks!

PS I am not so sure Max has a "solo node" like has been requested here. You can choose which maps to display in the viewport (usually when Max can only display one and you have to pick between two or more maps/shaders that are in the material - and if you did it to diffuse, that wouldn't turn off bump, displacement, glossiness maps), but that doesn't affect IR or final renders. So I don't view this feature as one that is "available in Max and not C4D".


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