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Problems Updating Payment Info

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So I have already reached out via the help link on the 2Checkout page yeasterday. The responses are slow and my subscription is set to expire today so I'm posting here too without personal info.

The form refuses to take my new American Express card info. Keeps saying "Invalid Card Type." Their first advice today was simply to clear the cache and try again. Nothing. I replied, but I may not hear anything until tomorrow. There are three credit cards listed on the payment form, JCB, Carte Bleue and Dankort. That's it. Now I'm stuck.

Any advice on this?

Open a ticket at as that is the way to reach the payments team on our side of things (they don't monitor the forums, it's the technical help team that you can find here - though the official way for real tech help and not community help is still the same ticket system :) ).

Hi guys, im new here. Is this a paid forum?.  My friend tells me this is the best 3D forum (end of) so id like to get full use.  Thanks


The forum is completely free to use for all registered users. Everyone has equal rights and full access to read and write anywhere in the forum, as long as they stick to few simple guidelines laid out here:

The original issue for this thread has been resolved. I had to call the vendor and he determined the only way to fix this issue was to send me an e-mail with a special payment link. Not clear what caused the issue in the first place, but all good now.


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