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Rope Dynamics not working in interactive rendering


Hello!  I'm RnDing some rope dynamics for an upcoming project.  I'm using C4D 2023 and the new Corona 09 release.  I have a few strands of rope twisting together, but when I turn on the IR, I get the ropes in their starting position only, but if I RENDER, it works normally and I am seeing the dynamics in action - see attached images.  Am I missing something obvious?  I'm on Windows 10.



Some issue occurs when you using specific tools as dynamics or something similar...some times if the tools has the cache features you can use interactive render too, otherwise you can't do nothing for to make it works in real time......

Well, in a quick test, cloth seems to work just fine, but not Ropes.

It might be related to some kind of PLA (Point level animation), but we will need to look into it though to be sure. Please feel free to submit a sample scene which would be very helpful. :)


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