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New pricing - "thank you" Chaos...

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--- Quote from: Ondra on 2022-10-17, 12:58:45 ---You will be able to switch to to yearly pricing to more or less keep the current price

--- End quote ---

"More or less" How did you arrive at that one Ondra?

You're forcing me to switch to yearly subscription to pay 40% extra per month to avoid a 280% price increase.

But I could downgrade to solo - good one!

I really don't need the 3dmax plugin, but I need  a floating licence for my 2 macs, so now i'm forced to premium?
This is really bad, the reasonable pricing was number1 argument for me using corona as a hobbyist.
Even Maxons Redshift would be much cheaper now.
Chaos really stands up for its name, thx for nothing.

Got to echo what other are saying here... I don't need a 3DS license and the other add-ons (Phoenix, Player, Scans) don't bring much value to C4D users. Most of the studios I work with are using Redshift and the floating licensing and grandfathered in render nodes were the only thing keeping me going with Corona for projects I can choose my renderer. I've been an advocate for Corona, but it may be time to say goodbye and move onto Redshift for all my projects.

Thanks Chaos!

" move onto Redshift for all my projects."

best try it before switching. needs totally other hardware, and not good for all things.
some like it, some others have quite some issues with it, as in my testing sadly (specially if scenes or textures are bigger etc like archviz)

Yes there's a reason I own both RS and Corona.


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