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New pricing - "thank you" Chaos...

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--- Quote from: TomG on 2022-10-28, 19:59:09 ---
--- Quote from: mlon on 2022-10-28, 18:44:25 ---I didnt expect it to go sour this quickly after Chaos takeover

--- End quote ---

Reminders, fwiw - it's been 7 years since we merged. It was a merger, not a takeover. Price changes would be happening whether or not the merger had taken place. Just to keep the record straight :)

--- End quote ---

Nobody expects the price to stay the same Tom. I guess people are wary of some of the Chaos changes as they can be rather  chaotic. The communication wasn't done well and had errors.

Redshift is for free for CPU rendering and is developing fast.

@ Coronarender
I saw that Maxtree has recently updated all its assets to Octane & Redshift as well and they have updated all my previously purchased libraries for free. It used to be Vray & Corona only (apart from fbx) and the main reason for me to get into Corona. Would it not be very smart for me to move over to a much, much faster renderengine and pay much less or even nothing at all ?

No problems with a normal price increase, costs rise each year.

But the node-locked option is very poor, considering most people have a work and home computer. Why can't it be floating but only usable on 1 machine at a time (or limited to 2 computers?)
Seems to be the same on with vray, corona, enscape - so not expecting any change , but not impressed !

"Redshift is for free for CPU rendering and is developing fast. "

have you tried that?;) (cpu version is extremely slow, at least for now)

that said also not a friend of the node locked version, i think it should run on 2 pcs.(office and home pc)

Have done a few test with Redshift on a Mac. Seems to be ok. Bit not done any serious work with it.


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