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Ivana from the Serviceteam confirmed, that the Informationsin the Mails are wrong.

We where thinking about going with corona and expanding the license park considerably. But fact is: Any new license got a price increase double the inflation + no render nodes anymore - within half a year. A new license with corona+3 render nodes (for the slowest renderer on earth a must have!), got a price increase from 289.99 € to 775.20 € (corona + 3 render nodes).

Now, in the day-to-day business it's not really about the price increase itself (not from my point of view, at least). It's somehow about professionalism and predictability. Shown practices in 2022 are lacking both key points. And chaos lacks both attributes anyway, as shown in the past (VRay for Modo, f.e.). I really liked corona and the founding companies spirit (FairSaaS in its original idea, f.e.). But now, with chaos showing their typical behaviour I'm really unsure about coronas future.

Long story short: Yes, you should have increased prices over time. By then, you would've known if a yearly price increase around 15% (considering feature theft, see above) would have been realistic. I dare to say no.

Yes, i agree babumbol.
I didnt expect it to go sour this quickly after Chaos takeover
and i do feel bad for the originators because i felt their great
attitude towards their community and love for the product.
It's now just business as usual and they can't go back.


As far as I can see, my FairSaas price was $330 USD per seat. I have two with 3 nodes each. The new price is $478.80 each, an increase of 45.09%. That's quite a jump in one step. In business, being able to predict costs in advance is very important so you can prepare for the changes to come. In most cases, those changes are more gradual. If you are a freelancer, predicting those costs is CRITICAL for survival. I should be fine since I'm part of a larger group, but it's only 60 days notice of such an increase in cost. I assume I will need to explain this when the time comes and justify the extra cost. If this increase was introduced in 10% steps or so, I don't think this discussion would be happening.

We all love Corona and what it can do, but at some point, people will need to find more affordable alternatives that get similar results. And make no mistake, there are other choices if necessary. Many of these offer hybrid CPU/GPU. The discussion about the host application costs is an entirely different topic.

Blender     FREE Cycles X/Evee

Octane    $198 per year

Redshift    $264 per year

Arnold    $380 per year

Corona   $479 per year

Maxwell   $595 perpetual (not sure the details here)


--- Quote from: mlon on 2022-10-28, 18:44:25 ---I didnt expect it to go sour this quickly after Chaos takeover

--- End quote ---

Reminders, fwiw - it's been 7 years since we merged. It was a merger, not a takeover. Price changes would be happening whether or not the merger had taken place. Just to keep the record straight :)


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