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--- Quote from: TomG on 2022-10-19, 16:37:18 ---
Right! If you have the 3 nodes carried over from the FairSaaS days, you will keep those without any additional charge, so long as your Premium is renewed without interruption. New users will have to purchase those Render Nodes separately, but our long term users get to keep them (so long as the subscription continues unbroken through 8, and now Premium remains unbroken onward).

As a note, if you are currently on a Monthly Premium subscription and would like to swap to Annual Premium for the greater economy of the pricing AND still keep your FairSaaS render nodes included in that Annual Premium price, please contact our support team through and we can make that happen. This is just to ensure those additional render nodes don't get "lost" if you change from Monthly Premium to Annual Premium yourself.

Hope that helps!

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Perfecto! Thanks Tom. I'm too old to be learning new software. I will happily stick to Corona :-)

minimaldesign - Blaž:

--- Quote from: TomG on 2022-10-19, 12:26:36 ---Those seeing a price that is "doubling" (and it's not just a price change, it's more a change as to what a Corona is, due to the extra functionality included) are those who are paying the same price we set in 2015 at launch. We were able to maintain that for the release of 8, letting everyone stay on that 7 year old price, but we had to re-evaluate the price based on the challenges faced by businesses in the current economic climate. Had we increased prices a couple of times over that 7 years, it would not seem so large a change but we kept that original pricing for a long time without any incremental steps. Also, switching to annual means the price change is then nowhere near a "doubling" (and if you have been with us long enough to have the old pricing and render nodes, annual makes sense anyway as you know that Corona is something you are using longer term).

And on the next question, we are aware because the same thing affects all our employees and us as a business; as noted the pricing was based on the challenges faced in the current economy.

Hope this helps clarify the situation some!

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so if I just stay on the latest working version for cinema4d R16 it will be cheaper? The price difference between monthly and yearly is my French but wtf? We will most likely finish this story


--- Quote from: TomG on 2022-10-19, 16:54:40 ---Sorry, that question is best sent in to the support folks via ticket at - just because they are more into the technical behind-the-scenes ins and outs of it than I am :) They'll get you all the answers you need. I can answer the higher level stuff though!

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Done, I put the answers here if it can avoid cluttering the support :

- Does the node-locked license mean Corona can run fully offline, without the Chaos Licence server in background ?
You will still have to install the Chaos license server. You can use your Corona licenses offline even now so that has not changed.

- What happens if I do a hardware upgrade and change the motherboard ?
We will probably devise a way to allow you to change hardware with the Solo license.

So I'm a bit confused, what is the point of the node-locked license if it uses online licensing and that I have to run the license server ? I don't see the point, can you explain the technical reasons that led to this difference between Solo and Premium ?

Yes that is a bit confusing - and my response from support made similar sense. I've just uninstalled my separate license server on my little network and installed it locally on my workstations instead as it seemed to blow minds that I would have set it up that way. Also, it seems the only way to be able to offline a license for a temporary period.


--- Quote from: minimaldesign - Blaž on 2022-10-20, 15:39:41 ---
so if I just stay on the latest working version for cinema4d R16 it will be cheaper? The price difference between monthly and yearly is my French but wtf? We will most likely finish this story

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I am not sure what you mean here. There is no way to "stay on Corona 8" assuming this is what you mean by "stay on the latest working version" - a Corona subscription gives access to all versions of Corona, from 9 and back earlier, but it's the same subscription.


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