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Corona on M1....invastigation...

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Yes I tried with a full clean restart as well. I tried also on VFB final render, Picture Viewer and IRR....Now I'm try with a huge Cinema4D standard render scene....let me try and I will came back soon...

This is a native Cinema4D scene (40 GB of ram during rendering) and you can see the processors temperature throttle or something else...only Corona Render after some pass is slowing down...

Yes, I know what you are experiencing, as I had similar results last week, but at some point - somehow - Corona were stable at ~90% CPU usage again. I will do some more test later this week.

BTW, did you know you can control (well, limit) CPU threads for the Interactive Renderer? Preferences > Corona > Interactive rendering.

I don't know why Corona doesn't use all power on M1 are my preferences about Corona...usually I don't touch nothing...all is from a fresh installation....


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