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Corona on M1....invastigation...

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Hi Guys, I'm continuing to research about M1 intensive task render. Today I'm rendering a very big scene on my M1 Pro Max 64GB of ram via team render, here you can see how Corona is getting from my processors...
Cinema4D is getting around 35GB of memory (hided on the panel) so the scene is not simple to render...
Anyone experienced on M1 this kind of l percentage of total processor? around 70%....?

With simple scene Corona Render is getting around 90% of processor speed....see the screenshots differences...

Some people suggested possible thermal throttling on M1 machines, but I do not believe that it is correct.
My tests on similar machine shows full CPU usage under Maxwell Render or Houdini's Mantra.

One discovery:
If you have post processing options enabled during render, for example Bloom, Corona's CPU usage oscillates around 70% but can go as low as 50%. Perhaps some (all?) of the effects are single threaded and are interrupting render or the renderer itself needs to pause for a moment.

Perhaps you could re-do your test but with a plain render, all post-effects disabled, and tell us your results?

Have a nice day,

I don't think that there is thermal trolling on M1 Pro Max due to some test I done previously...
I tried to change settings when the MacBook is plugged in, there are three settings, low energy, auto, and high energy...when Corona render these settings are ignored and the render percentage doesn't change anymore.

With other rendering engine based on CPU the percentage still on 960%....

Interesting the post process argument...let me try some experiment....

Here attached you can see what happen to my scene on my M1 pro Max.
The blue lines on my CPU history is what happen during corona render after 5° PASS....on the first five passes the CPU hit 960%...very good...after five passes the CPU slow down...
Only with Corona Renderer...

Is that happening on a freshly restarted system? Can you try again but after restarting your Mac and Cinema/Corona, and nothing else running? Also, do not play with interactive rendered, just try a full render.


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