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Will Corona Converter Ever Work?

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I have no idea how some people get materials to convert. Ive done everything possible to trouble shoot them. Not even Native materials will convert properly ><

Hi there, can you share some examples?

100% convert does not work in most cases but still converting materials saves me a lot of work, probably most of the work.

The scene converter has always been somewhat ''experimental'' and won't work for every material. We're aware of this and hope to give it some attention in the near future.

for me c4d mats and OLD vray 3 mats convert somehow ok (could be better)

strangely NEW vray 5 or 6 mats do not convert at all :(

i hope the corona team understands how urgent and severe that is needed, we all have old files or get new with new materials and a good conversion is very essential and should have high priority.

on a side note - corona does still better though than vray :)
(vray has no working conversion at all yet for corona mats or ok for c4d mats)


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