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Can we please get rid of this annoying export menu?


This menu serves no purpose to me, I want to set the export settings before rendering, and once the render is done just click save.
Every time this pops up, and I need to manually change the settings for each image because it does not remember past settings...
Even if I create a preset, it does not remember that I selected that present, and I need to select my present again, for each image.

Also, why is JPG default set to 95% quality??

Is there a way we can get rid of this menu?


About Corona's presets (not yet possible, but soon) check Multiple file/startup templates with different render engines. How?

For your flow, set via "Preferences/Corona/ VFB Settings:"
a) Automatic saving on render end. (Saves as .cxr in ".../Roaming/Maxon/...")
b) Show VFB render in PV.  (Keeps your "C4D flow" intact. Pre-set in Render settings or manually save from PV.)


But sometimes I don't let the render finish all 200 - 500 passes. I just save before...


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