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Cosmos latest update broken itself

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Today the Cosmos Browser alerted me about an update.... I hit update and after installation the app has been hanged into cinema4d with the "quitting application" balloon...
After relaunched Cinema4D the Cosmos shows a black window and it doesn't God!

I unsistalled the app with terminal app stored into the ChaosGroup Folder (app without icon...) and re-installed by the Corona Render installer...How does is possibile to release this kind of bad upgrade?
c'mon guys...

Just tried it out here, opened C4D, opened Cosmos Browser for Corona, clicked the Update, and it updated ok. Can you share more info such as C4D version, Corona version, OS version, and so on?

R26, Win 10, Aug 30th daily build here.

Sure! MacBook Pro M1 Max with Cinema4D latest release and corona render 8 hotfix1.
OS X monterey fresh and clean installation 😄.
Happen today after opened cosmos and found the update.
First time update on my M1, on my previously MacBook intel all upgrades has been delivered and installed successfully.


Hi there,
Do you have any firewall or ad-blocker app installed on your mac?
Even consider those apps to "optimize" the computer's performance, because, in most cases, they come with a built-in firewall/ad-blocker that causes some issues.

Absolutely not...OSX with default fresh installation...with no Adblock or firewall or something else installed...


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