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M1 processor VS i9 Intel 10K


I recently bought a MacBook Pro M1 with top performance config.
I tried to make some (CPU) stress test with my iMac i9 10K.

With a simple cinebench the performance are the same, around 13.000 cinebench points. Very good! So happy.

But with Corona Render 8 the performance are different, I noticed that the iMac i9 uses the 98% of the processor instead of M1 that uses only 75-80% during render. And make the M1 a little bit slower. (With corona render engine)

With the cinebench internal render engine on both computers I see 98% of power but corona seems doesn’t uses all M1 cores and doesn’t reach the 98%.


I have a Mac Studio 20c with 128 Gb ram. I noticed that on renders that take a lot of ram, close to 128 or even more and swapping processor speed lowers to less than 1950% to around 1600-1700%. 1960% is usually maximum.

I tried to render simple scene too and not only huge scene...and the processor is near 80% of total rendering power instead of the Cinema4D standard rendering engine that go up to 95% of total cores...
Seems Corona Render has some issue on M1 processor....

But if you render a standard scene, not huge scene...what is your render percentage about Cinema4D + Corona? Are you reaching the 1960% all the time?

I don't check this often but I saw also that at times CR renders at 80%. But recently my Studio 20 cores does render at 1960% when I check.

mmm thanks for your time...I hope to hear some from developers...


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