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Cosmos available materials


Hi Corona team,
I’m wondering about the large difference in available materials in the c4d cosmos browser compared to what’s shown on the Chaos Cosmos website.
For example “Fabric” only has the same 10 assets since V8 release about 4 months ago, compared to 540 assets shown on  Car paints, decals, etc are completely missing.
All in all, website shows 1172 materials, actual available in c4d 201…
Realistically, I’m not expecting to hear a definite date when these assets will be available to us, but maybe you can poke the Chaos Cosmos Team to not forget about us??? Thanks!

That one comes down to our team, not the Cosmos team, as we need to ensure the conversion process is working properly for those materials before they can be enabled for Corona. Definitely not something we are going to forget about :)

Ah ok, in that case call everybody back from vacation early. We are not paying you guys to lay on the beach and get drunk!
I’m going to the beach now. Thanks.

Enjoy the beach, don't forget the sunscreen!


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