Author Topic: Clipping Issues with VR Camera Roll  (Read 634 times)

2022-08-07, 09:18:31


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I'm working on a flythrough animation between mountain like structures (Actually the details of an oil painting) and this is a stereoscopic VR scene.

This painting was initially in its original size (13x13 cms) and in order to achive the effect of moving inside some huge structure,  I've managed to reduce the eye distance to 1/100 th of its default and the painting became something like 13 meters, but there appeared a well known clipping issue in the viewport. As I come close to surfaces I see the interior of the painting.

I've reduced the camera Near Clip to 0 but the problem was still there. (Tried Viewport Clipping too) Made some search and found in Autodesk forums the exact same question but without a definite answer. Some clues made me think I'm close to the smallest size limit of my System Units Setup, so I decided to Scale up the objects. It helped. There were no clipping issues as I rotate the camera to any 360 degrees. Yet, I tried to be extremely careful because if there is a spherical near region and this is a 360 degree animation, any part getting closer than any near clipping value would be visible. I didn't move very close to faces.

This is a radial motion with a large radius - the paint tracks are like ripples-  so just to keep things natural I used some banking (By using the cameras Roll command), while taking this large rotational motion.

It seems the clipping issues are present again when the Roll amount reaches certain values.

I seem to understand but I don't have a lot of time to test. (Clipping is not visible in the viewports) Any ideas about the exact reason of this? Should I not Roll the camera or is it only because I'm rendering in Stereoscopic mode (This makes sense)
Would it help if I scale up even more?

Thank you

Edit: Just reduced my eye separation to 2.0 and there is no more clipping for my animation. I presume the technique behind stereoscopic panorama creation requires more clearance no matter what the clipping value is and there is no way to preview it in the viewports yet. I'm eager to see the end result.
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