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Advice on Creating Realistic Material from Physical Sample

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That rug in the tutorial came out super nice. In my case, I will be provided with samples of actual rug. Not sure maybe 1'x1' or 2'x2'. The first round will be solid colors so I just have to get the texture close. From that video, I'm going to add subtle displacement and rounded edges first.

Thanks for posting that.

Here's another example using a carpet material from the Corona library, but also added a noise Displacer Deformer with the Zada noise. Adds a nice randomness, specially to the edges.

So as I mentioned earlier, I tested the depth map from my iPhone X and found it was good at large objects, but not so much small details. Turns out the new phones, 12 and 13 Max, have a actual LiDAR sensor. Two questions: has anyone tried using their new iPhone's LiDAR tech to create materials? Is anyone willing to send me a sample photo so I can test it by extracting the depth data?

Could you find carpet materials you like in places like Poliigon or Turbosquid to get the right look for bump and displacement and then use a Corona decal to add the pattern/design to the carpet?

That might be a possibility. I just don't have the samples yet so don't know how easy that may be. That's why I was wondering about the LiDAR capabilities of the iPhone.


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