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Advice on Creating Realistic Material from Physical Sample

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I am getting an opportunity to create some realistic stills and animations for a rug designer. The plan is to buy some nice 3D rooms (have several picked out already, even some C4D and Corona-ready) and replace the existing rug with my client's design. Mostly likely not too close, but close enough to see texture.

My main issue is getting a rug sample into a nice looking 3D material. The attached rug materials were created with a rug sample I found online, and I used Photoshop to generate a Displacement and Normal map. Somehow it comes out OK, but not as good as I was hoping. In addition, Photoshop will be dropping those 3D filters soon. This scene is just a simple one I setup using a few Chaos models, but it gets the idea across. I've seen Materialize which looks pretty good, just have to Boot into Windows to use it. Tried using the Wine app to get it running on my Mac, but I think it doesn't like the current Mac OS.

I even tried to extract the 3D depth data from my iPhone photo, but it's very low-res in the sense that it is good for large items with large distances between. Shooting a rug only gave me a mostly flat grat image with not detail.

So I'm looking for suggestions on how best to create PBR texture set for rugs. Any advice is appreciated.

I think Substance 3D Sampler from Adobe might be your best option. Not sure if it's available on Mac OS though.

Boy is Adobe bad at getting the word out. I have the Master Collection of Creative Cloud and had no idea this app(s) were available since last year. Costs extra, but if it works it's worth it. It did a better job than Photoshop as making the channels using the same sample color image. Just might work. Thanks for the heads-up!

Still looks a little flat, but this is just 5 min. work.

I use a program called Pixplant5 which generates PBR textures from any material. Very good and cheap :-)

Not sure how deep you want to dive into your rugs ;-) but this tut is a must watch…
For max, but the principles apply. 

It’s always these sharp edges on rugs that are a dead giveaway. Also make sure your actual texture is a large enough sample to avoid obvious tiling.
I would experiment with a mixture of rug texture and corona hair to get better detail, variation and realism.


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