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Mac Studio Experience?

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yes, they are also fully involved in the interactive rendering. I noticed though that at parsing the scene calculating the displacement is a one core event and can take up most of the parsing time.

Hi frv,
thanks for sharing your experience with Studio Ultra and C4D/CR.
Remind us what "SL 10 -15" stands for? Is that noise level?

I was wondering if you create your bldg models in a CAD app and how this might see benefits using M1 Ultra.
We build our 3D models in Archicad from .dwg files and I believe vector calculations in CAD apps are largely single core. In large, very detailed plans this can slow down the line redraw by a lot. I’m not sure how much this process relies on CPU and/or GPU, but I think it’s mostly CPU.
If the M1 Ultra has access to 128GB of ultra fast ram, I imagine vector line redraws are extremely fast too?
Do you see some large “real world” improvements in CAD apps even when running in Rosetta?
For context, our CAD hack-mac uses a GTX 1080TI 8GB / I9 9900K / 32GB RAM.

Going from that 2015 iMac to the Studio is like going from a horse-drawn buggy to a Ferrari. Would be awesome if you could record your screen showing the real-time you're seeing.

I fine tuned my workflow to be quit fast with my iMac & C4D & CR. I just avoided the kind of things I can do now with the Studio Ultra. Especially interactive preview is really something that improves the quality of my renders enormously. Also the number of finals has increased. Vegatation needs to be much less optimised. I can throw in any amount I like so far. I will see if I can make a little video. Never done that before.

SL stand for sampling level. I don't actually know for sure if that's how its named in CR. It was in Maxwellrender that I used before. But in CR you also see the amount of samples rendered. Usually my clients are totally happy with something between 10 and 20. Yesterday I rendered an image overnight with the Studio Ultra and got to 1150. I must say the image looked very crisp. The Studio Ultra was very silent venting out slightly warm air.

I model with Vectorworks which is native m1 as C4D is and haven't been doing any work with Vectorworks yet with the new Studio Ultra. But in Vectorworks I never really get slowed down much modelling even with very large projects on my Intel iMac. But I have been working with Vectorworks since 1989. Anyhow, Vectorworks is one core or a few at most.  It depends greatly on modelling techniques as well. I modelled a four building highrise project of about 15Mb in C4D. A co-worker managed to get a smaller project in at 800Mb....
I never render anything with Vectorworks even with Redshift integrated as off recently. I tried it and it was rubbish to work with. Extremely slow and I assume with the new Ultra is still is very slow. For some reason Vectorworks render features are decades behind and will probably never go anywhere. I model in Vectorworks since its very easy to model buildings with and has an excellent export to C4D. I model terrains in C4D since Vectorworks is not good at that at all. All assets are added in C4D as well. All together the workflow can be very fast once the Vectorworks model is done. Co-workers also use Lumion and Twinmotion on PC's. Absolutely worth it going PC for these apps and fantastic results. But C4D with CR is a bit like a Leica Camera. The images that I make in C4D/CR compared with Lumion and Twinmotion still look a lot more photo real. Now with the new Studio Ultra it can also be done super fast and interactive.

Checking the benchmarks it seems that a 20core Studio Ultra matches more or less the speed of the new AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 5975WX with 32 cores.

I don't understand since the 5975X is multithreaded and renders at 64 threads. How would Apple match that with a 20core cpu in a small enclosure. Maybe there is something wrong with the benchmarks. I wonder how this relates to Coronarender. Most likely the 5975X is about 3x faster with CR than the m1 studio ultra but I can not compare.

I attached the Geekbench results including my current iMac late 2015. Its seems I have gained about 6 times multicore and less than twice the single core performance with my new Studio Ultra in about 6,5 years.

( I added a benchmark that looked a little more realistic. Maybe Geekbench does not say much )


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