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Mac Studio Experience?

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Nothing to configure really - GPU is not a thing for Corona.

Thanks @Philw for replying both here and in the Redshift Forum.

What is everyone's experience with noise? I expected it to be completely quiet. Maybe the reviewers exaggerated the quietness. I can hear the air blowing when the room is very quiet.
I also hear a slight high pitched humming like when an old HDD would start and wind up, but not that loud. I can hear It when I put my ear close to the exhaust of the Studio.
Here's a recording:
The hissing in the beginning is just background noise picked up by the microphone that I don't even hear. Computer wakes at around 5s.
I made it with the iPhone microphone set on the desk right behind the computer. The two louder clicks are my mouse waking the computer and putting it back to sleep. Makes it feel louder than it actually is.
The high pitched sound is audible with the ear right to the back of the computer. But when I work at night and it's really quiet I can hear it slightly from about 1m away.
The air exhaust sound is not bothering me, but this squeak is.

@frv maybe you have some experience with this?

My 2019 MBP is very loud but it only blows air, it doesn't hum. And I can't compare it to a PC.

All I can go on is my M1Max Macbook Pro for fan experience - and fans do kick in under load - which is to be expected. The cooling system in the Studio is huge so I guess the same is also to be expected. My guess is that the squeak is coil whine which is unavoidable sometimes (GPUs are big on coil whine). Some systems don't have it, and some ears don't hear it. I always do!

I hear nothing really. But I work in an office with a lot of sounds. At home I also heard nothing though. Unless I put my ears next to the Studio Ultra. And this was while rendering for hours using all cores and 125Gb memory.


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