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Mac Studio Experience?

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Does anyone use the Mac Studio yet with Corona?
Really curious how it performs.

Well, v8 is perfectly usable on my M1 Max MBP with its 10 cores - using it every day. So I would expect more of the same with the Studio - and even more so with the Ultra!

Hi, just got a new Studio Ultra 128ram / 2tb.
Runs fine with v9. CRv9 is more buggy than I experienced before. Especially some materials are behaving weird, in the preview as well as in the renders.

I noticed that calculating displacement is a one core thing. So time to first pixel depends very much on displacement settings. CR renders at 1950% when workload is heavy but at smaller files I noticed that it renders at 1850%. Maybe it has to do with performance cores being used or not.

My previous computer was an 32Gb ram iMac from lat 2015. So this is a lot better. But I also noticed that the way models are made makes a huge difference in render and viewport response. I am now working on a rather sloppy model from a co-worker which is very slow in every way. My own models are far more efficient in terms of instances and geometry. I think this is something to consider. No matter the hardware the files need to be up to speed as well.

Well, I just got this Mac Ultra Studio so maybe more later.

Had a chance today working on a detailed high rise project (20+ stories) with the Studio Ultra 128GB.
Interactive preview was almost instant.

For about 3 hours editing the building model, cameras and lighting was ( compared to my 4 core Intel iMac from late 2015 with 32Gb ram ) a completely different experience all together. Final renders at about SL10 to 15 (exterior) took only minutes. In these 3 hours I could almost do the whole presentation with about 6 final images. We sat down with 3 architects and could just instantly follow all steps in C4D and CR. If the new Mac Pro's (40 cores, m2 ?) are any faster I wonder really for me what the benefit would be.

I think there is a lot more to gain in properly modelling the building and properly setting up assets databases for vegatation, hdr's and scatter techniques. At some point with this super fast rendering hardware the UI (C4D & CR) gets in the way. Its actually incredible how many repetitive mouse clicks are needed to keep the process going from start to finish. When the system gets this fast you become much more aware of it.

Thank you. Good to see that the 20 cores makes the difference it should!


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