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Corona for Apple Silicon M1?

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You can also have a look at the roadmap, it's at this moment in the left column.

Hi Atlantis,

I too was a total Mac man since late 80's... Did the switch to Windows 10 and a Gigabyte Aero 17 laptop... Was scared of the change but boy, will I never look back! Speed and reliability is not comparable to Macs... most people in the design industry I know are switching. Might be a good time :-) John

Hi John,
I am afraid you're right. Apple is watches and phones first. I love my new MacBook m1 though but will probably get a proper PC for my daily work as an architect. So fed up with the waiting. Another thing is that I can no longer compete with architects on Lumion or a fast PC. C4D with CR is great as well but you need something fast and conceptual as well.

All the best Francois


we want to introduce full M1 support in v8, it is however not an easy task. In the meantime, it is possible to use M1 with Corona via Rosetta.


tx, good to know that V8 will have Apple silicon support.


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