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Corona for Apple Silicon M1?

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And no, I don't have 125Gb of textures. But when you scatter vegetation almost at random you add to the models complexity and it will sit in your ram unnecessarily at render. By making sure all you add to a scene makes a real difference you can often make do with much less and so render much faster.

Gotcha. Did you turn on Camera Clipping? It is supposed to help avoid this type of situation by not rendering anything outside the camera's view.

Yes, I always have camera clipping on. But never tried to see the difference when rendering. Maybe the engine of corona render itself does some form of camera clipping as well.

I just want to make clear that I'm referring to Scatter's Camera Clipping feature and not C4D's camera clipping that is only for the viewport.

Now I was making a top view to show what I'm saying, but then I noticed something I hadn't seen before. In the past, when I've used Camera Clipping, it cropped out the clones that were not visible by the camera. As you can see in my top view, it seems to be taking all the clones and jamming them into the visible area. Is that normal? I'm sure it's a setting, but I'm not an expert with the Scatter tool.

Yep that doesn't seem right...


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