Author Topic: What map is missing in this DBR session?  (Read 1038 times)

2021-03-26, 13:15:41


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I have a spare machine and thought it can contribute an animation render.
Communication seems ok but I get the following messages on slave node and master machine's Error Message(s) window.

I checked for the Map names but they don't correspond to any material maps in the scene.

I am rendering with Path Tracing+UHD cache, and enabled Load and Append UHD Map Option. Thought this could be the reason but tried even without GI. (And Cleared the UHD File name and saved the scene) - Still the same.

What is the problem here?

Edit: I tried to set the slave machine as master and  I 've got the errors on single machine rendering, too but this time Error Message(s) window presented options to select objects with missing maps. Missing Maps are from another renderer which is only installed on the first master machine.

This problem is solved but I still have a problem.

Two machines are not making the render faster. Instead two machines doubled the rendering time. There is this "collecting any extra data..." message which increases the rendering time with a long pause. What is that about?
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2021-03-26, 14:08:18
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First of all, rendering animation frames using DR is a bad idea anyway. Use a render manager to render full frames (BB/DL) or split the timeline and render parts of it on each computer separately. Second: The used assets should be accessible for every node (pointing to a shared network location). If they are linked locally, the master would first collect all assets which are missing for a slave and send it. Depending on the size of that collection it may take a while. All in all not a good setup for what you like to achieve.

Good Luck

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2021-04-09, 15:58:53
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Is your problem solved now or you are still looking for solution. If you are still looking for solution then do let us know your 3dsmax andd corona version you are using.

If you can share your scene file for close inspection that would be great. You can share your files using our private uploader. Here is the link: ""


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