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Grass scattering.

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--- Quote from: PROH on 2016-03-29, 11:25:29 ---If your lawn is flat (planar), then you can use the free Forest Pack Light :)

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Thanks. My lawn is flat but in lite version how can i use Johny's mentioned FP pro tools for nice grass or can i make nice effects with lite version? Long time ago i used lite version for grass. Actually i don't have enough experience on Exterior renderings. my expertise is in interior renderings unfortunately.

Yes I believe you can do this with the light version. It comes with a few presets and models and you can also use any model of your own. Besides that there's one or two tut's regarding grass/lawn.

I use it myself when possible, and I find that the biggest restriction in the light version is that it only works on planar spaces.

another quick solution; photoshop :D

Like people already suggested here, there has to be lot of variation and visual noise. I suggest to observe lot of reference images and look for detail features like how grass is behaving close to the trees or observe parts of the lawn where the grass is dry or shorter. Then try to simulate this features with the scatter of your choice.

Image Box Studios:

--- Quote from: rambambulli on 2016-03-29, 10:13:30 ---What tool did you you to scatter this?
I would check the density and scale. Your grass looks too dense and looks like it isn't cut for a very long time.
I attached three images. If you want I can send you the meshes/corona scatter object and you can use them.

Of course add johnymrazko tips to these basic lawns.

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Thank you very much rambambulli for your kind reply. Well i used corona scatter but there are not too many options or maybe, i can't understand corona scatter tool. I can send my ground plane with grass scattering for your review. Can you please send me your these grass scenes so that i can review my mistake?

Thanks in advance.


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